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Haiti 22

For generations Haiti has been impoverished, raising generation after generation in the poorest of conditions. Over time this has led to a country without the ability to meet the basic needs of its people and a people who have never known what it’s like to feel hope. But there is hope. It exists in the person of Jesus Christ. But the message has not reached the entire country and honestly it’s hard to hear any message when your fearful of meeting tomorrows basic needs. Over the last several years God has been changing our missions program here at CBC. We have begun to funnel the majority of our missions funds and trips into the country of Haiti in an effort to make a true and lasting kingdom impact. We work with the Haitian nationals like Pastor Santile who leads a large church in Cap-Haitian, and we support missionaries living and serving in Haiti. We send teams into Haiti to meets needs and share hope with those we can. We work to train national pastors so that they are better equipped and ready to go back and teach and evangelize. We teach the ladies basics of sowing and cleaning and cooking and gardening so that they have skills they can use to support their families. Our work in Haiti is ongoing and continues to grow as the Lord leads.